The Best Anti-aging Skin Care:  Avoid Sugar

The Best Anti-aging Skin Care: Avoid Sugar

The BEST Anti-Aging Skin care is to avoid sugar. It’s that time of year again! When we all start eating a LOT more sugar…(cookies, candies, cakes, fudge… so many treats…)

…but did you know eating sugar AGES your skin FASTER?? That is why one of the most effective way to avoid premature aging of the skin is to avoid sugar.

You don’t have to give up on those Holiday goodies completely, though! Watch our short video (below) or read on to find out what how sugar ages your skin and what you can do you FIGHT the aging effects of sugar on your skin!


The Sun and sugar have a lot in common… And what would that be?

BOTH of them can prematurely age your skin. The difference is, where the Sun ages your skin from the outside, sugar ages your skin from the INSIDE.

**If you want to learn how to fight premature aging from the sun, click HERE to find out which SPF Moisturizer is right for you!**

This is the time of year when we ALL start eating more sugar (including us…), it’s EVERYWHEREcookies, candies, cakes, fudge, the Holidays are killer when it comes to your diet!

When you eat sugar, candy, drink juices that are all very high in refinded sugar, there is an Insulin spike throughout your body. When that happens, there is a RUSH of inflammation that also goes throughout your body.

When there is an Insulin spike, the sugar attaches to the Collagen in your skin in a process called “GLYCATION” (and Glycation prematurely ages your skin…).

So, EVERY time you ingest foods or drinks high in sugar, the Glycation process starts to break down the Collagen and Elastin in your skin.

Glycation can also exacerbate (or “make worse”) existing Acne and Rosacea.

Obviously we can’t stop eating sugar ALL the time… (at least we don’t want to…) so how do we counter the aging effects sugar has on our skin??

Here are some things you can do, starting with your diet (and no, it’s not giving up sugar completely!):

1. Eat Protein FIRST

Eating Protein actually prevents the Insulin spike and the rush of inflammation.

2. Eat food that has a LOWER “Glycemic Index”

The Glycemic Index is the # associated with the amount of Carbohydrates in the food. This also prevents the Insulin spike and the rush of inflammation. These include: Brown rice, vegetables, and yams (instead of white potatoes). They break down slower and even out your blood sugar!

3. Eat food with deep, HIGHLY saturated color

These include: Berries, pumpkin, spinach, kale, etc. The MORE intense the color, the higher they are in Anti-oxidants! These Anti-oxidants help protect your skin as well as your organs.

The LESS color the food has, such as: White potatoes, white rice, french fries, etc., the lower they are in Anti-oxidants (or they may not have any at all!) These foods will actually CAUSE the spike in Insulin in your body as well.

If you’d like to learn more about anti-aging and treating your skin from the OUTSIDE, check out our other post (and video) titled, “Do Anti-Aging Products ACTUALLY Work??”

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