Summer Skin Care Routine - 6 Tips

Summer Skin Care Routine - 6 Tips

Summer Skin Care Routine-6 Tips- for surviving summer.

As temperatures increase, we start to take off our heavier coats, gloves, scarves, and hats for shorts, no sleeve tops, and flip flops. Just like we switch out our clothing, we should also be switching out some of our products to accommodate the changing needs of our skin such as switching out our heavier products for lighter products.

Our skin may be exposed more to the sun, salt air, salt water , and chlorine. We also may be using more bug spray and sunscreen assaulting our skin to more chemicals and environmental damage than any other time of the year.

Here are some products that you may want to consider changing out and “tweaking” our skin care regimen to adjust to the changing needs of our skin.

Summer Skin Care Routine Tip 1

Switching to a different cleanser- If you have oily or break out prone skin, you may be sweating more. However, you may also be exposing your skin to more sun and water which may be causing your skin to get too dehydrated so your skin is now oily in some areas and dry in others. You may need to consider changing your summer skin care routine by using a more balancing cleanser to adjust to the different areas of your face rather than a cleanser that may over dry your skin with just an acne cleanser.

Tweak this: If you are using a cleanser that may be drying out your skin in the summer, look to see if it has any sulfates. This may be the cause of the dryness. Instead, look for a cleanser that uses sugar or coconut based foaming agents.

If you are using a cleanser that contains glylcolic acid, salicylic acid and/or any other acids, use those only at night since regular use of these products can make the skin more photo sensitive.

Here are examples that have worked well with my clients:

Restore Cleanser– gel based foaming cleanser that does not use any sulphates. It restores the acid mantle of the skins pH. It will balance out oil production and created to help oily and combo oily skin, break out prone skin, and back and chest break outs. This has consistently sold well for our waxing clients to keep break outs and ingrown hairs at bay.

Ormedic Balancing Cleanserthis is a gel based cleanser that uses coconut based surfactants and is better suited for normal to dry skin. Some sensitive skin and Rosacea Skin types can use this ( no papules or pustules).

Sensitive skin types that are using a cream based cleanse may want to switch to a gel based balancing cleanser if you are noticing an increase in oil production and/or break outs.

Dry Skin-If you are not getting out much and you are spending most of your days in an air conditioned office, your skin may still be dry, and you may be still ok with a cream based cleanser. However, if you are noticing more bumpy skin or you would prefer a hydrating cleanser that uses gentle foaming agents, this may be the perfect balance for you.

Md Dermaceutical Renew Face and Body Wash– has been a consistent seller for our combination dry or dry skin and even normal skin that is over the age of 30, really like this cleanser. It has many humectant ingredients and gentle foaming agents to help hydrate and cleanse the skin at the same time. There is an option to buy the sample or the full size.

Summer Skin Care Routine Tip 2

Exfoliation- If you are using many anti aging products that contain ahas (glycolic) , bha (salicylic acid) , Retinol, Retin A, etc, this not only causes the skin to be photo sensitive to the sun but also can over sensitize your skin when combined with over exposure to the sun, chlorine, salt water,etc.

Always exfoliate in the evening and if you are planning to be at the beach all day or walking around Disneyland all day, avoid exfoliating a few days BEFORE your trip and wait until you know you won’t be in the sun for a few days.

Reduce how many times you exfoliate during the week (depending on what type of exfoliating products you use).

Change up your leave on exfoliating products to exfoliating products you can rinse off. So instead of using an anti aging serum that has retinol to a glycolic acid based exfoliating scrub that you can rinse off. This will reduce your chances of over sensitizing your skin when exposed to the sun and using sunscreen.

For those of you who are sensitive to acids, then a fruit enzyme such as papain and bromelain may be better suited for you. See below.

Here is a great three in one product that you can add to your specific cleansers (Image or pH compatible) , use alone as a scrub or for deeper exfoliation, use as a mask. This uses glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid and is great for bumpy skin and hyperpigmentation.

Ageless Resurfacing Review

If you have sensitive skin , Rosacea, or Eczema, you still need to exfoliate but most scrubs may be too harsh for you.

Exfoliating powders may be a better option for you. They “melt” into foaming paste and you can even water it down to a foam if you have really sensitive skin, these powders do NOT use glycolic acid,

Exfoliating powder for Hyerpigmentation– gentle powder using coconut milk surfactants, lactic acid (more hydrating, gentle exfoliant) ***NOTE*** If you are used to stronger exfoliants, this is not for you. This is for sensitive and rosacea prone skin that cannot tolerate most exfoliants. This also uses pineapple and papaya based enzymes instead of acids.

Summer Skin Care Routine Tip 3 :

Switch out eye creams for eye gels-

-if you have oily skin

-if you live in a high humidity area

The oils in the creams will melt your eye make up and make around the eyes if you are sweating. The eye cream is basically an emulsion of oil and water and the high humidity will just melt the eye cream on your face.

Eye Gels are water based. The humectants in the water based eye gel will bring humidity to the area and will less likely melt on your face and turn the area milky. It seems to work better with sunscreens and creams when you are hot.

Summer Skin Care Routine Tip 4:

Switch out those anti aging serums that contain acids such as Glycolic Acid, Retinol, L-Ascorbic Acid for an anti aging serum that is less likely to sensitize your skin in the sun.

Look for serums that increase hydration and decrease dehydration from heat, sun, and water.

For example, if you are using an L-Ascorbic Acid serum, look for a niacinimide serum which also addresses reduction in pores size, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and is also an anti oxidant.

6 Benefits of Niacinimide

Are you prone to redness?

Look for a hydrating gel that reduces inflammation AND increases hydration.

Bioflavinoids to support capillary health

Beta Glucan-anti inflammatory

and humectants. Preferably water based serums work better.

Summer Skin Care Routine Tip 5

Lighten up your Moisturizer-

Oily skin/ Break out Prone Skin-Switch out your lotion for a water based gel on the days you exercise or are out in the sun and you know you will be sweating. If you live in a high humidity area, water based gels work best.

Dry Skin-you may want to lighten up your heavy creams to a lighter weight lotion .

Those of you looking for a very hydrating serum that can be used as a hydrating gel for acne prone or oily skin OR a hydrating serum for normal to dry skin, I have a product that has aloe vera, Sodium PCA, Hyaluronic Acid to bring moisture to the skin AND a water dispersible occlusive so it will not clog pores.

This hydrating water based gel equalizes moisture and oil production for oily skin an brings hydration to normal and dry skin. It regulates sebum production.

Most occlusive agents tend to break out acne prone skin but when it is a water dispersible agent, it works very well for oily skin.

This also addresses inflammation it has green tea extract, chamomile, arnica and calendula.

It also has Golden Seal extract and horsetail extract which also has some antiseptic benefits.

A company reached out to me when they saw the Hyaluronic Acid Alternative Vide0

and they said they had a product that had these ingredients. I only have a few samples if you would like to try them out. I only purchased a few samples to see if people like them before I would consider an opening order with this company.

It is paraben free and oil free and fragrance free.

Hydrating Gel Treatment-

Summer Skin Care Routine Tip 6:

Switching out your sunscreen-

Switch out your chemical based sunscreen for a physical sunscreen. If you are using a sunscreen that is a chemical based sunscreen, consider switching out to a zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide sunscreen to lessen the chances of your skin reacting. This can be more likely if you using anti aging or lightening products on the skin.

Zinc oxide is a mineral that naturally reduces inflammation.

Replace it with an sunscreen moisturizer instead of just a sunscreen.

Lira Clinical Sunscreen has added niacinimide, plant based stem cells and peptides along with natural anti inflammatories to help reduce inflammation and increase hydration in the skin. It also addressed uneven skin tone by adding plant based lighteners. It is paraben free and comes in hydrating and oil free formulas.

***Summer Special (while quantities last)***-

Oil Free Formulation-Additional Travel size for 50% OFF

and Hydrating Sunscreen-add the Hydrating Gel Treatment Sample for $3.00 (instead of $5).

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