Trick Your Skin To Look Younger!

Trick Your Skin To Look Younger!

Trick OR Treat? We’ve got a TRICK that’s ALSO a TREAT (for your skin!)

Want to learn how to TRICK your skin into ACTING and LOOKING younger? Watch our short video (below) or read on to find out how!

Tricking your skin into looking AND acting younger? How does that work? Well…

When you’re a baby, you have soft, dewy, glowing skin. Why? Because your skin-cell turnover rate is once every 5-7 DAYS. That means every week or so babies and toddlers have BRAND NEW skin.

As you get older, the amount of time it takes for your skin cells to turn over becomes longer and longer. Eventually, it can take up to 90 DAYS.

When looking at someone who is a lot older, they typically have dry, dull, crepey-looking skin. That’s because they have up to 3 MONTHS WORTH of dead skin cells on their face.

Why does dead skin cause your face to look dull and lose that glow? The build up of dead skin cells actually ABSORBS light. Healthy, new skin reflects light (that’s where that beautiful, healthy, dewy glow comes from) so when the healthy skin cells are covered by a build up of dead skin cells, they don’t get their chance to shine (pun intended…).

You also lose a LOT of moisture as you get older.

Not only do you have layers and layers of dead skin cells building up but your Sebaceous Gland (which produces oil naturally to moisturize your skin) also slows down. So when you try to apply a lot of moisturizer to hydrate dry skin it may feel like you’re STILL not getting enough moisture. There is a reason for this:

It could mean you are not exfoliating enough.

You’re not getting the dead skin cells off so the moisturizers and serums you apply don’t get absorbed by the healthy skin cells (the ones that need it).

When your skin is dehydrated, you may think you need to drink more water (we hear this a lot with our clients!) but water doesn’t actually hydrate your skin! Y

our skin is the LARGEST organ (yes, it’s an organ) in / on your body but it is the LAST to get hydration through drinking water. You need to treat dry skin at the source!

So… How do you “TRICK” your skin into acting and looking YOUNGER?


The more you exfoliate the more it triggers your skin into having to create more NEW skin cells. Try to do it almost every day!

TIP: If you’re new to exfoliation, you’ll want to start slowly and build up to doing it every day. Try a couple times a week, then move up to 3 days a week, then 4 days, and so on until your skin is used to exfoliation EVERY DAY. (If you have sensitive skin, Rosacea, or Acne with active pustules, you’ll want to take it easy and not exfoliate as much as it can exacerbate these skin conditions.)


1. You need to exfoliate.
2. You need to use the RIGHT exfoliant.

If you are age 30+, who doesn’t have major skincare issues, you need to use a stronger exfoliant. Try a CHEMICAL exfoliant or a COMBINATION of CHEMICAL / PHYSICAL to get the dead skin cells off.

A chemical exfoliant has Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and / or Lactic Acid – any of the AHA or BHA acids. A combination chemical / physical exfoliant will usualy have rounded micro beads in a fruit enzyme solution.

Here is one that has always been a best seller at my shop for the last 10 years!!  **Not Recommended for those with Rosacea or sensitive skin.  Best for normal, combo, oily, or acne prone.

If you are 25 or younger and have no issues with sun damage or acne, you can get away with just using a PHYSICAL exfoliant, which is a scrub that has micro beads in it. Such as:

If you have senstive or Rosacea prone skin, it is best use a GENTLE exfoliant such as these: (**Some of you who have EXTREMLY sensitive skin may still react to these)


The difference is IMAGE Iluma powder uses Pumpkin Enzymes and Coconut Milk powder for its gentle exfoliating properties and Dermalogia Daily Microfoliant uses Papain (enzymes from Papaya) and Salicyclic Acid.

The exfoliating properties for the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is further down on the ingredients list than the Image Intense Brightening powder.  **BOTH have brightening lightning properties.

So there you have it! The quick and easy way to “TRICK” your skin into acting and looking younger!

**Want more information on exfoliation? Check out our other video which explains the 3 different types of exfoliation and how to correctly exfoliate your skin HERE

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