Worst Sunscreens To Use

Worst sunscreens to use for Anti Aging and hyperpigmentation ESPECIALLY DURING THE SUMMER.

Sunscreens are supposed to protect you from UV rays that can increase inflammation. Exposure to UV rays can cause hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles over time.

So if sunscreens are created to protect us from UV rays, why are some companies pairing up sunscreen with ingredients that photo sensitize our skin, which then increase our chances of getting a sun burn?

There are thousands of sunscreens out on the market but here are some examples of the Beauty Industry’s marketing gimmick to stand out from all the other sunscreens.

They pair the sunscreens with anti aging ingredients such as Retinol or glycolic acid…..WHAT?! This is the WORST idea.

Worst Sunscreens to use during the summer:

These are some of the worst sunscreens to use, especially during the summer where the sun is closest to the earth making the UV rays much stronger than any other time of the year.

Here are some examples:

Cerave Skin Renewing Day Cream SPF 30

Neutrogena Anti wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF 20

L’OREAL Face Moisturizer Revitalift SPF 30

Each of these sunscreens are paired with an ingredient that makes the sun MORE prone to sun burn.

The Cerave Skin Renewing Day Cream SPF and the Neutrogena Anti Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 are both paired with Retinol.

The marketing gimmick that Cerave uses is that the Retinol they use is “encapsulated retinol” with a slow time release of gradual delivery of the retinol. Using regular retinol or “encapsulated retinol” ….is STILL retinol.

Let’s think about this…if you are about to go outside, and you wear sunscreen, why would you wear a sunscreen that has an ingredient that makes you photo sensitive?

***PRO TIP** If you insist on using retinol, then use it separately. Use the retinol at night . Wear a sunscreen WITHOUT retinol during the day. I would avoid even wearing retinol during the summer.

Pairing up Retinol or glycolic acid with sunscreen is a terrible idea.

L’OREAL Revitalift Sunscreen SPF 30 uses glycolic acid which also makes the skin more photo sensitive. Why do they do this?

PRO: Vitamin C and glycerin


Not only do they add the glycolic acid but when combined with fragrance and the sun exposure, this could really sensitize the skin for some people.


Neutrogena Anti Wrinkle DEEP WRINKLE Daily Moisturizer SPF 20

Not only do they have retinol but they pair with two sunscreen ingredients: Avobenzone and Oxybenzone that are known to be chemical sunscreens that can causes rashes in sensitive skin types.


Has parabens

Ingredients list has NO beneficial ingredients for the skin, NOT even any anti inflammatories.

Low SPF 20. If Neutrogena is going to add retinol that makes the skin more photo sensitive to the sun, I don’t understand why they won’t increase the sun protection factor.

Best sunscreens :What to look for


Look for added moisturizers so you don’t have to use an additional moisturizer with your sunscreen. This can potentially dilute the sun protection factor of your sunscreen when you blend it with any other product.

How to Use your sunscreen and make up. Do You Need BOTH??

The TRUTH Behind HIGH SPF Sunscreens


Use sunscreens that are for your skin type such as:

Lira Clinical Sunscreen – Oil-Free and Hydrating PRODUCT REVIEW

Oily Skin: Look for ingredients to help oil control. Zinc Oxide naturally is an anti inflammatory ingredient AND helps absorb oil.

Anti Oxidant/Anti Inflammatory /lightening ingredients:

Green Tea Extract

NiacinimideBenefits of Niacinimide for Skin: 6 Anti Aging Benefits of Niacinimide for Skin



Rasberry Extract (ellagic acid)

Kojic Acid

Bearberry extract-

Mulberry extract

Licorice root extract

A good example of a sunscreen I personally use is the Lira Clinical Sunscreen.

It comes both in hydrating and oil free formulas.

It is a moisturizer and also has plant peptides and brightening agents to help with pigmentation. It works even better when paired with other antioxidants since Niacinimide helps boost Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

It also was created to help with hyperpigmentation in mind.

Just because you are wearing sunscreen, it doesn’t mean that it filters out ALL the UV rays. It filters out MOST of the UV rays. So if you are using any AHA’s or any other ingredient that is making your skin photo sensitive, it is best to :

  1. Avoid the sun as much as possible.
  2. Use a higher SPF sunscreen during the summer
  3. Reduce or Replace the AHA with something more gentle during the summer.

Anti Aging Tip: Sunscreen -What the Beauty Industry is NOT telling you

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