Should You Exfoliate Around Your Eyes?

Should You Exfoliate Around Your Eyes?


Should you exfoliate around and under your EYES?

You may have seen our last blog post on the 3 types of exfoliation for your face and which may be best for your skin type, but should you exfoliate the thin, delicate skin around your eyes??

YES! But very carefully…

The area around your eyes is called the “Ocular” area. The skin is thinner, it tends to be more sensitive, and it usually shows the first signs of aging.

Use an exfoliant that is a powder (DON’T use a scrub, they are too harsh for the delicate skin) add a bit of water, and work it into a watery-paste.

Then, using your ring fingers, dot it all around the outer parts of the Ocular area, above your eyebrows, then gently work your way up in circular motions moving up above your eyebrows. Lastly, work the exfoliant GENTLY on your eyelids. Then rinse off.

Here are two products that I have used in my practice . My clients have seen an improvement where they have received compliemets.

Both these products are gentle for most skin types. They are powder form. Add a tad bit of water to make a watery paste and using your ring fingers, apply gently around the eyes and in a circular motion go around the entire eye area.

The IMAGE Iluma Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder uses coconut milk and pumpkin enzymes to help gently dissolve dead skin around the eyes. It also has brightening agents to help brighten the dark circles around eyes and better absorb the lightening agents of other products being used.


Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant uses Papain (papaya enzymes) and salicylic acid to dissolve dead skin.

***Both use rice derived ingredients to lighten and brighten skin tone around the eyes.

If you would like to use anti aging serums, this is the next step. If you would like to know the CORRECT order of applying skin care products, CLICK HERE.

Benefits & Results:
1. It prevents Milia, that’s the hardened white sebum that sometimes forms on your eyelids or just under your eyes.

2. Because you’re taking off the dead skin cells in that area, when you apply eye cream or eye gel, it’s more readily absorbed into the ocular area. Thus, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So, should you exfoliate the skin around your eyes? YES! But very carefully, and preferably with a powder exfoliant.

After exfoliating, the best thing to do is to hydrate the thin skin around the eyes. Should you use a eye cream?

Find out if they really work!

Always exfoliate around the eyes at night time ONLY. Always follow with an eye gel or eye cream. Find out which one is best for you here.

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