How To Apply Skin Care Products

How To Apply Skin Care Products

How to apply skin care products in the CORRECT ORDER: **This is a FULL explanation of skincare products and how to use them. For a QUICK overview, check out our other blog post and “video-ette”!**


Are you washing your face and using your skincare products CORRECTLY?? You may be diluting their effects and not even know it!

It may seem simple enough, but it’s very important to know HOW and WHEN to wash your face correctly.

First, it always is: MORNING and NIGHT.

MORNING: In the morning you have some sweat and some oil on your skin, and you want to remove the stale products to have a clean slate when you’re putting on your new products and applying make-up.

NIGHT: It’s even more important because now, in addition to the sweat, stale products, and oily make-up, you also have environmental pollutants that have settled onto your skin.

Now, are you using your SKINCARE PRODUCTSin the correct order?

First thing, the most important of ALL the products is the CLEANSER. The cleanser is the foundation that sets your pH for all the other products. If you don’t have your pH right, you can neutralize ALL the other products and they won’t work as effectively (or not at all!) because you’ve neutralized their pH’s as well.

The cleansers below are cleansers that I have actually used on myself and my clients and have proven to show improvements for most of my clients that have break out prone skin.

Here are some suggestions for OILY, BREAK OUT PRONE, ACNE SKIN TYPES:

Image Clear Cell Cleanser–CONCENTRATED-Don’t need a lot to create foam

Second, the EXFOLIATION. You want to use an exfoliation product that takes off all the dead skin cells. This is especially important if you have dry, dull, aging skin, or if you have oily, breakout-prone skin because the dead skin cells can clog the pores leading to more breakouts. Some suggestions fo the BEST Exfoliating products for your skin type

Now, that your skin is freshly exfoliated and the dead skin cells have been removed, your skin will more readily absorb the serum and the eye care products.

Serums and eye creams/gels are the MOST EXPENSIVE per its size because it typically has the most concentrated ingredients for anti aging.

SERUM. If your skin is not at the proper pH from using the right cleanser, the serum will then not work properly.

Different serums do different things depending on your skin type. You can purchase a serum that is for: aging skin (so it has anti-aging agents), to control oil, to increase hydration, or to prevent breakouts.

SERUMS, EYE CREAMS, and EYE GELS are actually the most expensive per their size because they have the highest amounts of concentrated POWER INGREDIENTS. That’s why it’s really important to have the correct pH.

Want to know how to apply eye cream CORRECTLY? ClICK HERE

Don’t know if eye CREAM or eye GEL is better for you? FIND OUT HERE



You want to apply the serum to your face on clean, dry, exfoliated skin, 1 drop per area, then rub it gently into your skin. Then, you want to wait 5-10 minutes. After you let it absorb, touch your face to make sure it’s not tacky. If it’s dry then you’re ready for the next step, which is the TONER, and that increases the skin’s moisture and hydration.

Going back to the serums really quick, if you’re using a HYALURONIC ACID serum and that’s ALL it is (there are no anti-aging ingredients in it) it’s actually okay to apply the toner right after you put on the Hyaluronic Acid serum because it soaks up all of the moisture into the skin. It actually ATTRACTS the moisture and easily absorbs it into the skin.

If it is a serum with anti-aging agents, oil-matting agents, or anti-bacterial agents to kill Acne, it’s VERY important to wait first, let it fully absorb into your skin, then you can move on to the toner. (If you use the toner right away before the serum has absorbed, it will dilute all the active ingredients!)

Fourth, the TONER. Now, I’m not talking about the toner that you use with a cotton ball or cotton pad that you rub on your face (that’s more of an astringent) the SPRAY bottle is the best type.
1. You use less product
2. It evenly spreads across your face

Toner is to:
1. Balance out your skin’s pH
2. Increase your skin’s ability to hold that moisture in

You want to use 7-10 sprays all around your face until the skin is completely saturated, then you can add the MOISTURIZER. To find out the best moisturizer for your skin type- CLICK HERE

Now, the moisturizer you want to use while your skin is still wet from the toner. You are, again, increasing the skin’s ability to hold moisture in by introducing a LIPID BARRIER. By introducing a Lipid Barrier your skin holds the moisture in creating a MOISTURE BARRIER.

The moisturizer is the fifth and final step (unless you’re using a spot treatment for breakouts). During the day you want to use a moisturizer with a high SPF, preferably 30 or higher, 50 or higher if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun or have a history of skin cancer. At night, you do not want to use a moisturizer with any sunscreen in it. You want something that AIDS in RECOVERY.

Finally, for those of you that have breakout-prone skin, this is when you apply the SPOT TREATMENT, following the moisturizer. The spot treatment is the LAST thing that should go on your skin.

We hope this helps with your skincare routine! Ready to get the most out of your products and achieve your best and most beautiful skin yet? Keep a lookout for our next blog post and video!

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